Sound Perceptions Web Mobile App (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
How does your acoustic environment make you feel?
Upon launching, this web mobile app will be available to anyone, anywhere, and anytime with a portable device that can access the internet.
Accompanied by this app, participants will be asked to participate in an attentive listening session.
This means that the participant will:
  1. go to a place outdoors, whether that be the backyard, a park, the city, etc.,
  2. open up the app and sign-in,
  3. answer some demographic information as well as a few other pre-survey questions about how you feel,
  4. listen without distractions for approximately 3 minutes,
  5. answer post- survey questions generally about how you feel post listening session

During the listening session and as the participant answers questions, a unique data-art image will appear and alter upon different responses. Once the whole activity has been completed,  your unique image depicting your soundscape will appear for your viewing, contemplating, saving, and social sharing! As more participants share their data art, more people can compare how their soundscapes differ from others’.